Hello & welcome to Laura The Techsplorer.

It is lovely to e-meet you!

I am extremely proud to say that I work for Fossil Group Ltd in the UK and this site has been born to bring to you tech news, experiences like how I use tech while travelling, opinions and challenges in an engaging (well I’m hoping) format.  Utilising my knowledge and expertise from my day-to-day job, with my love of fashion merging with tech, I wanted to branch out into the world of blogging.  This is not only for my colleagues to enjoy, but also the wider world.

I never pictured myself as “the girl who loves tech,” and if you spoke to my Brother, I think the last industry he would have expected me to have engaged in, let alone be championing is Consumer Electronics.  However, since working within this environment I simply cannot get enough.

From the smallest innovative pieces, to the large scale game-changing tech, we are surrounded by it and the impact it has on our lives is only going to intensify.

Embrace the technology, that’s what I say!

I hope you enjoy it.

Laura x