Holiday Haul

Holiday Haul

Hello my fellow techsperts!

In a week where we have seen the World Cup starting and I have become a football widow for the foreseeable future, it has got me to thinking about what people are watching the games on, as well as how something like sport can truly bring people together.  We all know there has been concerns around where the games are being hosted, with worries surrounding the safety of the players and fans, but I am yet to see this come through the news channels.  However, the press about the Hublot smartwatch that is sponsoring the games, has been on all my social channels; a great shoutout for the brand, with some high profile faces sporting this timepiece.

From my perspective however, whilst the games are on, I am getting ready for my pending holiday to Tenerife.  Four days and counting, before my feet step onto a plane and then when that door opens you get that slap in the face of blissful heat…yes a week with very limited football and a lot of exploring the island.  Delightful!

So what does a techsploring girl take with her on holiday?  I’ll tell you…



This is probably an obvious one, but I will be taking my phone.  I will however, be switching off the Gmail notifications for the week as I will be “Out of Office.”

So what will be the three most used things with my phone whilst out there?

  1. Music – I have the Amazon Music App (I know, I am a bad person, but it is free with Prime), which allows me to download albums and tracks that then can be played even in aeroplane mode.  When I do have signal I will be able to listen to the plethora of choice available from the most current chart toppers to the classic motown hits that I most definitely like to jig around to.  There is something extremely uplifting about that era of music.  Yes, even without Wifi as with Three you get “Feel like Home,” where you can utilise your tariff abroad at no extra cost.  Even though this is now not a new concept, Three were the 1st to introduce it and other mobile providers swiftly followed.
  2. Google Maps – We have hired a car within the week so we can go and explore the island from the Teide Volcano to Siam water park.  Even though Tenerife is a relatively small island, if I was reading a map we would end up on the mainland and with me feeling rather sick.  Thank god I was born into a time where technology tells you where to go.
  3. Photos – Another obvious statement, but this will be the 1st week abroad with my Huawei P20, so I will be able to utilise the Leica camera to get some beautiful and memorable shots; some that will remain personal to me, but also others that will end up on my social media channels.


Albeit that the iPad Pro is not officially mine within our household, it is something that I seem to utilise more often than not.  Most recently using it to watch series on Netflix or Amazon Video, whilst the other half gets the beautiful 49″ Samsung 4K TV for watching the footie on.  The screen is 9.7″ so still a good size to be able to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy (I am obsessed), something that I will more than likely download episodes to watch on the plane ride to and from Tenerife.  As I believe I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am still very much a child and need entertaining.  Stick the iPad on and I’m a happy lady!

P.S. – I will no doubt try to sneakily catch up on Love Island on the iPad too.  God only knows, with social media being as it is these days, I will not be able to avoid any spoilers.  Sssshhh… don’t tell the other half!


I am still holding out for my wireless Jabra Sports Elite headphones, so until I have these within my possession, I will be taking the Bose OE2i (on ear) headphones.  Yes, a golden oldie audio headset (roughly 6 years old), but a reliable headset all the same.  Albeit they have wires, that I am not so much a fan of, as they are on ear ones they are less likely to get ripped out of your ears midway Stevie Wonder’s Superstition!  The OE2i’s are also soft touch so gentle on the ears.  Something I find is a must when trying out new headphones.  With having my ears pierced, I need to have something that doesn’t push on my ears causing that headache feeling after about half an hour of wearing them.

These have stopped being made now, but the updated ones called “Bose Soundlink OE Bluetooth Headphones” work with Google Voice and Siri, wireless and similar in size to the originals. *


I will be taking my Smartwatch and albeit I probably won’t wear it too much during the day as I want that all over sun kissed look and not a permanent white mark on my wrist, it will come in useful for Google Translate (great for when I am ordering cocktails by the pool), Uprice currency converter and the games for the plane journey.  It will however make more of an appearance at night time to jazz up my outfits, with over 27 million dial combinations, I am bound to find something that goes with each of my dresses.  I can also change up my strap from a bracelet to a leather option; what more could a girl want? *


This was something that was given to me at the opening of the new Harvey Norman store in Tallaght last year.  I have to admit that it is not my usual sleek and conservative styling (being a massive yellow heart eyes emoji in style), but it has proved extremely useful.  Yes, it may not be the most beautiful sound quality that you get from Bose, Sonos or Sennheiser to name a few, but the small, portable speaker is great for the trips away.  Working by linking it up with your Bluetooth on your phone, the setup of this is seamless and pain free.  They have a battery life of around 6 hours, so you will need to make sure you take the charger with you if away for a week.  However, as it is a small USB cable it really won’t take up too much of your weight limit in your case.

Equally, these portable beauties are currently on sale on the Jam website.  At £12.99 they really are a bargain especially when you’re being frugal before holiday. *


Last, but by all means least, the Juice Power station is a great portable power bank to get that extra charge after using Google maps to work our way around the island.  This is something that I always have to hand here in the UK and I have to say that I wouldn’t be without one now.  It is like having an extra life on Super Mario Brother’s; grab that little heart and hey presto, you’ve got life again!  Some of you maybe thinking “but you’re on holiday, switch your phone off.”  Not for me.  I like to be connected.  It comes in a variance of colourways.  Mine is bright pink, so when I have it in my bag, it stands out from everything in there but the kitchen sink!  They are also very reasonable in price; at £29.99 they don’t break the bank. *

The only downside is when I had an iPhone, I was able to pull out the bottom charger and plug straight in.  However, now I am on Android, I have to attach my charging cable to it.  I know, it is one extra thing, but I did prefer the use of it for iPhone.

These really are the top of my holiday tech must-haves.  What would be your top holiday tech essentials?

… Until next time my fellow techsperts



*I have not been paid to endorse these products and everything within this blog is my opinion.

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