The Art of Gifting

The Art of Gifting

Hello my fellow Techsperts!

Firstly and most importantly, I apologise for the lack of writing recently.  From having a much deserved holiday, to getting into the World Cup (I never in a million years thought that would happen), my blog has taken a bit of a back seat in all of it.  However, for those who follow me on Instagram, I have been trying to keep up with that.  Hopefully you haven’t felt too lost without me!


Before I went on holiday I was contacted by Charged Power, after they had read my “Holiday Haul” blog.  I was so chuffed that they had contacted me after reading my post.  I honestly thought that the only people who did were my family (who admittedly I force into), friends and colleagues.  To know it was reaching other people and peaked their interest has been one of the highlights of my blogging journey to date.  So thank you for that Charged Power.

Secondly, as many of you are aware, I was always going to take a power bank with me to Tenerife, as I knew that we would be out exploring and using all the juice in our phones; I didn’t want to miss that perfect shot.  However, the one(s) that I was taking with me soon changed when Charged Power kindly sent me a couple to try.  I always knew that using bloggers and influencers for a product can really impact the brand, but when I first started “Laura The Techsplorer,” I was never expecting to be one of those people.  Again a highlight for me and the start of a great adventure.

Some of you will have seen images on my Instagram of the beautiful power packs that I was sent, but for those of you who aren’t aware, you can see them in all their glory now.

I loved the fact the Charged Power had picked these for me and what lovey patterns I was sent.  From the “Sunflower” pattern to the G&T, they really had picked out something that I would totally choose for myself.  Namely, G&T is one of my favourite tipples so naturally I resonated with this pattern straight away!  I also loved the fact that they looked pretty.  Historically my chargers have been one solid block of colour and to be frank quite uninspiring.  However, these didn’t fall short on design; something I will analyse before making any purchase.

The G&T patterned “power stick” charger is super light and portable.  Something I found that came in useful when on nights out and my phone may have needed a boost from taking endless boomerangs when slightly tipsy.  I am not one to take big bags on nights out; too much hassle, so imagine having to pack a big battery pack.  No thank you!  The power bank was discreet and portable enough to fit in my tiny handbag; perfect.  Not only this but with 2600 mAh it means you can get around 2 charges from it before you have to plug in to recharge it.  It really felt very hassle free, which for me is great.


The other beautifully patterned pack that I received was with what they call a “Sunflower” pattern on the “ultracompact mini.”  I think that it looks more like a very pretty mandala pattern personally, but that is just me being extremely nit picky and not relevant to what the product does.  Definitely not a black mark against anything; more a tip for how they market it.

This one was slightly bulkier than the “power stick,” but with 10,000 mAh, it was bound to be a bigger product.  What I really found useful with this one, was taking it out on our day trips.  Having hired a car from InterRent (we were supposed to have a car from Goldcar, but they royally messed that up and I would recommend you steer clear of them.  Link to their webpage is here so you don’t make the same mistake meant that we could go exploring the Island.  And this is what we did.  However, being the tourists we were, using Google Maps on our phones rinsed our batteries, but the “ultracompact mini” kept us both connected to the wider world (and not get lost!)

To get a full charge it took around an hour, but due to the capacity of the pack it meant we could both get a fast charge and a full battery.  Not only this but even after both of us using it the pack still had some life left in it.

How did I know this?  Simples…

Click the little button on the bottom and it will light up with how much life the pack has left.  What a good little addition.  I don’t think we ever ran it down fully, but we did charge it a few times as we found this one the most useful on our trips.  Both the “power stick” and “ultracompact slim” models came with a USB cable that I simply plugged into a USB plug to give them the charge they needed.


I have some great images (using my Huawei P20) of when we visited Mount Teide( especially the sunset ones), that without having a battery pack with me, I wouldn’t have been able to capture and treasure.

All in all I had a fabulous holiday, coming home feeling like I had recharged my batteries (poor try at a pun I know) but I have also had some further successes with my adventure in creating this blog.  I love the fact that technology enables us to reach people we wouldn’t have been able to even 15-20 years ago.  Thank you to Charged Power for my gifts, I continue to use them now and have had many a compliment on how beautiful the power banks are.

…Until next time my fellow techsperts





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