Welcome Back…

Welcome Back…

A New Year; A New Me!

Hello my Fellow Techsperts,

Yes it is me. I’m back again (not in a Slim Shady kind of way) and raring to get going in 2019. Some of you maybe thinking why it has taken me so long to get my fingers tapping on these keys and honestly, there is not a singular reason, just a multitude of things. I want you to be enjoying what I write and if I had forced it, it would reflect in my blog posts. I still love all things tech. In fact, I actually think it has made me want this to succeed even more after my “screen break.”

So thank you for your patience for the next installment, I really do appreciate your loyalty.

What’s new with me in 2019?

By no means have I set myself resolutions (I always go really hard on myself if I do not achieve them), but I’ve made small changes to my lifestyle that is making me feel so much better than I have done in the past couple of years. Those that know me, know I had a serious knee injury in late 2016. This set off anxiety around working out; something I always used to enjoy. Whether it was cardio work like running, or more core work with yoga, I was always keen to keep in shape. I had however, just completely gone off it; scared that I would experience the excruciating pain I had done. Some may see this as “silly,” but it was a mental state that I was in. However, 2019 came and I thought why not try it? What have I really got to be scared about? So I have bitten the bullet and joined Pure Gym and loving it.

What has this got to do with tech?

Naturally (come on you all know me by now) my Michael Kors Access smartwatch has been my gym buddy, recording my workouts via the Google Fit Workout app that comes pre installed. Have I downloaded any 3rd Party apps? No, the Google Fit Workout app literally has everything I need in there.

Did you know you can even record your “flossing” exercise? Now that’s a really clever way to target your Gen Z’s Google! Don’t know what I mean by “flossing?” Enjoy…


*Source taken from Tenor*

Besides the standard workout activity types, Google Fit has developed to track when you are doing activities like yoga, cycling, basketball, backcountry skiing, aerobics, boxing, curling, gardening (not your social typical sport, but according to the Mothership “a damn good work out”), hiking, meditation, pilates…

Shall I keep going? The possibilities are endless. All you need to do when you go into the app is find “other workouts” underneath “challenges” and hey presto, begin your selection.

Want a challenge?

Why not take up one of the preset challenges within the app? Try the press up, push up or squat challenge for 30 days.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the potential “ouchies” that may follow. Your muscles will love you I promise!

The fitness tracking that has really caught my attention (and I actually used today), was the “strength training.” We can now track when we are working on our upper, core or lower bodies. The app will track the amount of reps you do, count you down for a rest period and then vibrate when you’re ready to go again. Fab, if you’re on your own in the gym and need that coaching element (albeit the other 1/2 was with me today).

If for whatever reason the information is not quite accurate you can amend this when logging your set. You will also need to log the weight that you are lifting. 40lbs for me was a massive achievement, when my physio used to tell me I had chicken arms…yes, chicken “arms!” Chickens don’t have arms, so either I have “wings” or very tiny, unstable arms (I’ll go with the latter!)

Now, for those of you who have Android phones, did you know that you can now download the Google Fit app as a widget on your homescreen? This means you can now get easy access information with a swipe left on your watch, or by simply looking at your phone screen.

Beside the stunning models in this picture,  there is also the Google Fit Widget highlighted (taken by moi) 

Double whammy!

The other thing that both Android and iOS users can do of course it add the Google Fit dial to their smartwatch.

Google Fit Dial on the Michael Kors Runway Smartwatch (taken by moi)

Just a flick of the wrist, no swiping or picking up of the phone and you will see your move minutes and heart points (something you will have set up to your personal needs or wants when initially opening the Google Fit app). If you do want more detailed info, you would need to swipe left on your watch or enter the app via your middle crown button to get this via the menu. Extra info includes things like your average heart rate, steps taken etc.

Finally and by no means least, you have seen me talking about customising my dials and utilising inbuilt apps, however I also needed my watch to feel comfortable when working out. None of this slight pinching you end up feeling in a bracelet style strap because your wrists have swollen with your radiating heat. This is where the great element of simply being able to swap the straps has been amazing…

(although ask the Mr that, who gave it a go and found to be fingers and thumbs. Delicacy is key.)

Black silicone strap on the Michael Kors Runway Smartwatch; perfect for the gym (taken by moi)

So that is a slight snapshot into what I have been using my smartwatch for the most this year and it has been a pleasure exploring all of the new elements within Google Fit. They make it easy to record and look back at how far I have come each time (like your own mini league table).

What have you been up to since we last spoke? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time my fellow techsperts,



P.S. Did you know that with the new H update (this will have come as an over air update or you can try forcing it through system updates, that you can find in settings) you can now switch off your watch via 2 easy steps, rather than going through the menu?

How I hear you cry…

Simply hold down the middle crown until it comes up with the options of “power off” or “restart,” then press your desired function. Simples! Thank you for that cheeky little update Google. It was a long time coming!

You’re welcome!

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